Petronas ARRC 2014 Round 1

April 19th, 2014

Photo Gallery at the Qualifying Round of the Supersport 600cc Series


Fine tuning the Kawasaki Ninja 600cc before the Race


Inspection of the Kawasaki Ninja bikes by Team Captain, Zamani before the race


BikeArt rider, Hazlanshah (#23) warming up before the race


Front view of the BikeArt Pit Stop at Sepang


Team Captain, Zamani ensuring that Hazlanshah has a better view through the visor of the helmet


BikeArt mechanics at work at the Pit


BikeArt mechanics at the Pit Stop


CEO of BikeArt, Steven Ong having a chat with Farid (#83) before the race


View of the staring line from the Pit area

Tom Sykes: The Superbike World Champion for Kawasaki

January 15th, 2014

Congratulations to Tom Sykes and the Kawasaki Racing Team for taking the top prize in the production based superbike racing in 2013. Riding his Ninja ZX-10R Tom also recorded a new lap record of 1″41.691 in Race 2 of the Superbike FIM World Championship at Jerez. Spain.

Tom Sykes The Superbike World Champion for Kawasaki Racing Team

Tom Sykes at a recent reception held in his honour by Kawasaki Racing Team

Tom Sykes, Superbike World Champion for Kawasaki

CEO of Bikeart, Steven Ong striking a pose with Tom Sykes

Ninja 250R rider, Muhammad Aziq Jumali (#31) says:

January 15th, 2014

Muhammad Aziq bin Jumali receiving his trophy for being in the top five of the 2013 SIC Ninja 250R Cup.



Saya Muhammad Aziq Bin Jumali ingin mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada Kawasaki Bike Art Racing Team yang telah banyak memberi bimbingan, dorongan,

tajaan, tunjuk ajar dan semangat kepada saya. Saya bersyukur kerana telah memberi peluang untuk menyertai Kawasaki Ninja 250R cup pada musim ini dan saya telah

mencuba dengan baik dengan menggunakan kebolehan dan kemahiran yang ada. Dan ditambah oleh Abang Zamani, Abang Fuad dan Abang Nashrul.Tak lupa juga kepada guru saya, Steven yang telah 100% menjayakan dan laksana program ini.

Saya amat terharu dengan guru saya, yang telah bimbing 20 pelumba di Kawasaki Ninja 250R cup. Saya harap, program ini harus dijalankan untuk mencungkil pelumba pelumba muda di Malaysia.

Pada musim lepas, Husni Aizat Abdul Malik telah diberi peluang untul menyertai CEV Repsol di Sepanyol. Dan saya harap, pada musim ini juga seorang pelumba akan

diberi lagi bakat seperti Husni Aizat untuk menonjolkan bakat dia luar sana untuk bersaing dengan pelumba pelumba antarabangsa.


Muhammad Aziq (#31) at the grid in final season of the SIC Ninja 250R Cup in Nov 2013

Muhammad Aziq Jumali on the track at Sepang International Circuit

Muhammad Jumali wins a podium position in the final race of the SIC Ninja 250R Cup in Nov 2013

Bikeart Racing: A force to be reckoned with in the MSS

January 15th, 2014

In the 2013 Malaysian Super Sports Series (Motorbike), Bikeart Racing team continued their earlier successes to clinch prime positions as champions in both the 1000 cc Superstock and the 600cc Supersports Series. Brothers Nashrul Baharuddin (#63) and Ahmad Fuad (#26) are the respective overall winners in these two series which consisted of a total of 5 races stretching from May to November.

Had it not been for an accident in the Round 4 in October, elder brother Ahmad Zamani would most probably have won the Open Superstock crown. Because of the accident, Zamani had to be contented with the 5th placing. He is recovering fast and was at the track to receive his 5th placing award in the Championship.

Ahmad Fuad (#26) at the grid waiting for Race 4 to be flagged off, He ended the season as the overall champion in the 600 cc Supersports Series

Ahmad Fuad receiving his prize awards at luncheon at Sepang International Circuit

Nashrul (#63) at the grid waiting for his debut race in the 1000 cc Superstock to be flagged off. He blazed through the race to end up as the champion and the overall champion for the year 2013.

Nashrul receving his prize and awards at the luncheon held in Sepang International Circuit

Ahmad Zamani (#66) in a wheelchair receiving his prize awards at Sepang International Circuit

It is also worth mentioning that Hazlanshah Mohd Noor (#23) riding for Bikeart took the overall 2nd placing in the Supersports B Class Championship.

Haslanshah (#23) at the grid for race 1 of the 4th round of the Supersports B Class.

Haslanshah (#23) receiving his prize awards at the Sepang International Circuit.

Meanwhile in the Open 250 Cup Championship, riders from the 2012 SIC Ninja 250R Cup manage to clinch the overall second and third placing. The two riders are Muhammad Fazli Mansuar (#89) and Low Wei Der (#99).

Fazli (#89) receiving his prize awards at the Sepang International Circuit.

Low Wei Der (#99) receiving his prize awards at Sepang International Circuit.








Hafiza (#24) and Rasol (#22) in neck to neck finals

January 15th, 2014

It was a tight race to the finish for Muhammad Rafiza(#24) and Muhammad Rasol (#22) in the final 4 races of the SIC Ninja 250R Cup, 2013. Despite a crash during Race 2, Rafiza (#24) managed to take the overall Champion title with Rasol(#22) a breath behind. Both riders have done well and will definitely continue to make waves in the motor racing arena in Malaysia and abroad.


Riders flagged off @ Race 3 on the final season of the Ninja 250R Cup, 2013

Ninja 250R riders on the track @ Race 1. The weather was sunny and hot.

However in Race 2, it was drizzling the whole morning and Rafiza (#24) crashed and missed a podium postion

Ninja riders at the grid in Race 1 with their assistants

Rafiza (#24)and Rasol (#22) in a neck to neck race to the finish in Race 4.

Muhammad Hafiza Rofa (#24) crowned the Champion of the 2013 SIC Ninja 250R Cup

The top 5 overall Champions of the 2013 SIC Ninja 250R Cup.

All the 19 Ninja Riders in a group photo with sponsors and facilitators. In the 1st row right side is Steven Ong, the CEO of BikeArt Racing Academy

Overall results of the top 5 riders

1. Muhammad Hafiza Rofa (#24) 213 points

2. Muhammad Syafiq rasol (#22) 206 points

3. Muhammad Fairuz Nasir (#97) 160 points

4. Muhammad Aziq Jamil (#31) of 116 points

5. Siti Norafizah Muhammad (#95) the only female rider Ninja rider

Ninja 250R Cup Podium Winners @ Race 1

Ninja 250R Podium Winners @ Race 2

Ninja 250R Podium Winners @ Race3

Ninja 250R Podium Winners @ Race 4





Ninja 250R Cup continues into the 4th Round (Oct 2013)

January 15th, 2014

The SIC Ninja 250R Championship continues succesfully into the 4th round from 11th to 14th October, 2013 at the Sepang International Circuit with an impressive win by Muhammad Hafiza (24) in both the two races.

Ninja podium winners in Race 1 in the 4th Round of SIC Ninja 250R Cup

In Race 2, Brandon (Australia) a wildcard entry into the Ninja 250R Cup managed a podium win at 4th placing

The 250R CUp together with the Malaysian Super Series (MSS) are the supporting races in the Shell Advance Malaysian Motocycle Grand Prix, Shell Advance being the title sponsor for the MotoGP FIM World Championship in Sepang. Incidentally, Shell Advance is also sponsoring the Shell Advance Asia Talent Cup which will debut in 2014.

The SIC Ninja 250R Cup is sponsored by Malaysian Kawaski and all the 20 young riders, from age of 14 to 17 are being trained by Bikeart Racing Academy in a one year program. Sucessful and potential riders from this group will be co-opted into the 2014 Championship.

The following are some of the images taken over the 3 day race.

Rain on the practice and qualifying day did not deter any of the riders from taking part

Rain on the practice and qualifying day did not deter any of the riders from taking part

Siti (95) the only female Ninja rider is seen here suiting up for the race

Ninja riders fully ready 15 minutes before each race. This mental prep exercise is a requirement for Bikeart Racing Academy riders.

Muhammad Hafiza (24) taking the lead at the start of Race1 in Round 4

Round 5 of the SIC Ninja 250R Cup wil be held from 9th to 10th November, 2013 at the Sepang International Circuit




BikeArt Racing Academy: Training future champions

May 16th, 2013

BikeArt has once again been entrusted by the Sepang International  Ciruit to train and promote motorbike racing in Malaysia and across the Asian region.  Bikeart has dominated the podium in the Malaysian Super Series since 2011.  Steven Ong, the CEO of BikeArt Training Academy has says  that “the vision of Bikeart is to dominate the 600 cc and 1000 cc superbikes categories in events across Asia.”

The key to maintaining this dominance is the embodied in BikeArt’s philosophy:

1.  To advance motorcycle racing by competing against the highly skilled regional riders and by building a sustainable relationship with Kawasaki Japan to advance their technology

2. To develop and train local riders by providinf training in  advanced riding skills and technique thereby builiding a cadre of riding talents to drive Malaysia’s competitiveness in motor racing.

3.  To hire and develop the best talents in both the riders and the technical team with good support from Kawasaki.

To achieve this aim, BikeArt has developed  a wholistic approach to training.  The results so far has been exceedingly satisfactory with potential riders being upgraded from last years SIC Ninja 250R Cup.

This video gives a glimpse and snapshot as to how this group of 20 rookie riders  in th

e SIC Ninja 250R Cup for 2013 are being trained and put into  the pace by BikeArt.  Besides technical and rider skils, the Academy places equal importance to physicial fitness and proper nutrition.  In this video, Ms Indra Balaratnam, a consultant dietitian talks about the importance of proper nutrition  to enable the riders to perform at their optimal potential.

Rigorous physical training for SIC Ninja 250R riders

May 16th, 2013

Sepang International Circuit (SIC) introduced the SIC Ninja 250R Cup in 2012 as part of its programme to train, develop and  prepare Malaysian riders to be of world class standards.  Into its second season this year, Bikeart Racing Academy who have been entrusted with this project has developed a wholistic and rigorous program which consist of training on the track, physical fitness and good nutrition to whip the 20 participants into shape by the end of the year.

In this video, Jason Moriarty,  the chief physical instructor from Rebel Boot Camp talks about his role as the chief physical instructor in this program.

Hafiza does a hat trick in SIC Ninja 250R 2013

May 16th, 2013

In the first SIC Ninja 250R Cup race for 2013, Muhammad Hafiza Rofa ( No:24)  had an impressive run scoring a hat trick in the qualifying round, round 1 and round 2.   Emerging as the winner in all these 3  rounds, Hafiza’s best lap in round 1 was 2:40:923 and in round 2 his best lap was 2:41:331.

The next race to be held on May 31 to June 2 and will see these 20 riders competing in another 2 rounds of 8 laps each.  Refer to previous post on rider’s profile.  Rider’s Profile here

Results for Race 1, Round 1 and Round

SIC Ninja 250R qualifying round: 3rd May 2013

May 16th, 2013

At the Malaysian Super Series, 1st season race for 2013, the top 10 qualifiers from the SIC Ninja 250R Cup based on their best lap time is as follows:

1.   #24     Muhammad Hafiza Rofa           2:41:057

2.   #22    Muhammad shafiq Rasol          2:41:809

3.   #31     Muhammad Aziq  Jumali         2:44:175

4.   #97    Muhammad Fairuz Nasir          2:46:365

5.   #95    Siti Norafizah Muhammad        2:46>365

6.   #18    Muhammad Ammar Hafiq        2:47:548

7.  #65     Has Fauzan                                      2:47:604

8.   #71    Muhammad Hamizan Afiq         2:47:649

9.   #46   Muhammad Izzat                            2:47:921

10. #69   Mohd Aiman Muzammer            2:48:191

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